Children’s Daily Program

We believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…

The daily program for our children is provided by a highly qualified teaching staff that is dedicated to the education and healthy development of the children we serve.

The planned curriculum is well thought out and includes learning experiences that are age and developmentally appropriate for our children in each class.

Using their daily interactions and observations of our children and their interactions with parents, the staff develops learning opportunities that address the specific needs of each child utilizing a challenging, exciting and success-oriented approach. Teacher-directed as well as child-initiated activities that promote social development, problem solving and educational learning occur daily.

Each child who enters the doors of Saint Vincent’s is welcomed and loved. Each child knows they are loved and cared about…they sense and know they are not just one in a flock of many who are herded through an institution watched by babysitters.

The desire for these children to be successful and develop positive self-esteem drives the staff in providing quality learning opportunities. The staff is committed to the quality Saint Vincent’s Day Home expects and represents, and work together to maintain this quality as they prepare our children to continue to develop and succeed in the community and world that is beyond the doors of Saint Vincent’s Day Home.