Read-to-Me Classes

Spending a few minutes with your child each day quietly reading is a gift of quality time and literacy. In this class, parents of Day Home students learn how to provide this to their own kids, even if they never had the experience when they were young.

In this interactive workshop, parents learn how to read with their children, choose appropriate books to be read and evaluate how the process went with their child. The instructors, retired school teachers, introduce books to the parents and demonstrate how they should and can be used. Parents then take home one or two books shared and spend that quality time with their children using the books as a focus.

Each week, a different set of books are chosen from our Parent Lending Library. The parents come back and share how this experienced was for themselves and their children. At the end of the six weeks, each participating parent is given a book.

We are hoping to offer this six-week series two or three times in the 2011-12 year. It will be held at different times to accommodate the schedules of the parents who express an interest.