Screening, Assessment, Referral & Treatment (S.A.R.T.)

The Day Home has been an active participant in the Screening, Assessment, Referral & Treatment (S.A.R.T.) program for the past three years. This assessment process allows for parents and teachers to annually assess children in all areas of development.

The intense assessment includes parents and teachers assessment of the child’s ability based on observations and simples tasks screenings that relate to the development of the child.

Based on the results, the teaching team can implement learning experiences in daily curriculum to develop a child’s ability. If the results show a more serious developmental need, the child’s teacher can make a referral to the SART referral line and they take the necessary steps to ensure the child’s needs are addressed.

The biggest areas of concern have been in language development and in social-emotional development. Fortunately, for our children, many of the children’s needs are addressed through our Speech Therapist and intern from The Link to Children organization.