Stop Asian Hate

March 19, 2021 

Dear Day Home Community: 

It is with a heavy heart that we, the leadership and community at Saint Vincent’s Day Home must again denounce the horrific acts of racial violence committed against communities of color in our country. As a community, we grieve the loss of the victims in Tuesday’s deadly attack against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in Georgia, and against Asian American women across the nation specifically.  

What happened in Atlanta earlier this week is but one incident in an alarming rise of anti-Asian violence that has skyrocketed in the last yearAs we continue to see incidents arise across our country that harm the Black community, Latinx community, Arab and Muslim community, and so many others, we stand to support and continue to denounce racism and commit to the work of anti-racism in both our actions and in our practice. 

The Saint Vincent’s Day Home community reaffirms our commitment to supporting and advocating for our Asian American staff, children, and families in the wake of these acts of hate and violence, that are rooted in white supremacy and racism. We stand in solidarity with our Asian American community and are dedicated to creating a learning, working, and community environment here at the Day Home that affirms the Asian American experience. 

Recently, incidents of anti-Asian violence and hate crimes have also happened closer to home, right here in the San Francisco Bay Area –in our supermarkets, restaurants, and on our sidewalks, and in our workplaces. 

We cannot turn a blind eye to the xenophobia against Asian Americans, and we must not ignore the harms perpetrated against the AAPI community. We must not be silenin the face of these attacks. We must and will do better. We must share our stories, get involved, listen, learn and be open to educating ourselves about racism in all its forms.  

In the face of this vulnerability, SVDH resolutely stands in solidarity with the Asian American community as a whole, and the children, faculty, and staff of SVDH against these acts. Our commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization, must and will include Asian Americans. Anti-racism means recognizing, “and eradicating policies that are racist, that have racist outcomes … and making sure that ultimately, we’re working towards a much more egalitarian, emancipatory society.” We recognize that the work of anti-racism means we must be explicit and commit to the following action steps: 

We support, and will advocate, for: 

  •  Celebration of Asian American cultures, community, and history in our curriculum and events. 
  • Support for our Asian families who have been impacted by violence, prejudice, or discrimination. 
  • Support for our staff who are impacted by these events. 

And will continue to: 

  • Work to acknowledge our biases around race, gender and socio-economic conditions and develop a plan to ensure equitable treatment for children, families, and staff. 
  • Provide additional care during this difficult time when the intersection of COVID-19, job loss, decreased access to childcare, and racial violence further threaten the security and stability of many families.   
  • Support self-care, training, and educational opportunities for employees to equitably encourage sustainable advancement within the organization and the field of early education. 
  • Ensure that our staff and leadership continue to reflect the cultural identity and experiences of the families we serve. 
  • Encourage and support staff involvement with organizations that promote social justice and educational equity. 
  • Align our organizational values and program objectives for education, community engagement and philanthropy, and family engagement with the anti-racist ethos. 

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of all the victims in Georgia, just as it does for all those who have been harmed by anti-Asian attacks in Oakland and across the Bay Area. Let’s do all that we can – in all their names – to foster a more inclusive, loving, and just society. Anything less would be unworthy of their memories. 


To learn more about the work that must continue to be done to stand up against anti-Asian violence and racism, please look into these resources for further information and steps that you and your family can take. Resources for individuals experiencing acts of violence or harassment can be found at Asian Americans Advancing Justice; their website also contains information about intervening as a bystander. 


Additional resources: 






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