Stop the Proposal to Change California’s Early Learning Programs

The governor recently released an updated state budget proposal, and California’s youngest children continue to be targeted: $450 million in cuts to early learning programs are proposed as is removing responsibility for those programs from the Department of Education.

This restructuring proposal means that approximately 80,000 children—including thousands of infants, toddlers and preschoolers—could lose access to early learning programs that are crucial to their lifetime success. The Administration is also proposing to keep another 40,000 young children from receiving a good education by eliminating Transitional Kindergarten programs.

Denying young children access to early learning programs is clearly the wrong choice for California’s leaders to make. Policymakers need to hear from you now, that investing in young children is important to you. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Join hundreds of parents, teachers and even young children who have shared their stories on the Invest in California’s Kids YouTube Channel
  2. Send an email now to the Governor, Legislative leadership and Budget Committee members in opposition to the proposed early learning cuts and restructuring
  3. Tell others

California begins with kids.™

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