SVDH COVID-19 Family Support Fund

Dear Friends:

We hope you are well and in good spirits. The Day Home has started a family support fund to assist our families during this challenging time. Many members of our community live paycheck to paycheck – without an opportunity to build the savings that would have carried them a few months through this difficult time.

In general, our families are in good spirits; many of them enjoying the unexpected time together. However, 41% of our working parents are now out of work and very worried about having enough to feed their children when the rent is due. Many will not be eligible for unemployment or other recovery funding and will need significant support to survive.

With your previous support, we were able to purchase $200 grocery gift cards for each family and art supplies to keep children learning through play. While we do not know what comes next, we are committed to helping families access resources and maintain the greatest possible wellbeing.

This is an uncertain time for us all economically, but to the extent that you are able, please help us to provide urgent support to a Day Home family.


Please know we are grateful for you and wish you peace and good health as you navigate your own COVID-related challenges.

Together in spirit and action,

Saint Vincent’s Day Home



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