Three Cheers for the Claremont

A carnival came to town and stopped at Saint Vincent’s Day Home on August 30. Coordinated by the Claremont Hotel, Club & Spa of Berkeley, a team of 30 leaders arrived at the Day Home ready to have fun.  They coordinated all sorts of activities using a luau theme.  The children tried hula dancing, limbo, played “musical beach towels,” the hula hoop toss, and went “fishing.”  There was also face painting and coloring.

The Claremont brought goodie bags containing sand molds, shovels and rakes, crayons, mini instruments and kaleidoscopes. They also provided lunch for all the children and staff.

The Claremont carnival is a much-anticipated, end-of-summer event and as in years past, they didn’t disappoint. We’re not sure who had more fun, the children or the folks from the Claremont based on all the smiles. A big Thank You to everyone at the Claremont Hotel.

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