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Parent and Student Testimonials

Parents, caregivers, and former students love Saint Vincent’s Day Home. If you’d like to tell us about your experience, scroll down and submit your comments. We’d love to hear from you.

Hands down [Saint Vincent’s Day Home is] the best school for children 2-6 years old. They help you and your child. My daughters have been going since they were 2-years-old and have been potty trained to learning basic math and reading at 1st grade level. They have helped me with groceries, finding a job, finding housing and helping me during the holidays! I love the Day Home and highly recommend.

I love this school! My sister, daughter, and niece went to Saint Vincent’s Day Home. We all love it! Healthy food and snacks for the kids. Activities, field trips, and the best part is the awesome teachers. Even Clay Thompson of the Warriors has visited and donated to the Day Home.

Saint Vincent’s Day Home is a haven. My child loves going to school here. I can see the positive growth and development weekly. The staff and teachers are dedicated, loving people. I highly recommend. There is a sense of passion, pride, and respect for the cause of education children here. The quality of education, enrichment, and parental engagement is excellent.

Awesome place. My son came here and graduated. He learned so much. They are very strict about who picks up the children. I love that…it made me feel safe having my kid there. I have another lil one and when he turns two he will attend as well.

Best pre-K school I’ve seen in Oakland! My 5-year-old has been going to this school for 4 years and it’s almost time for him to graduate, and I’m so sad. This school has everything to offer your child, from great curriculum plans to great mentors. I just love this school, most of all the staff…great job to you all, and please keep up the hard work and dedication to our babies!

This place is awesome and amazing! The staff is loving, caring, nurturing, and very professional. I love this place! I recommend the Day Home preschool for anyone looking for a second family and a safe place for children to learn and interact with other children. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

So many memories! I was 4- and 5-years-old when I went there. I’m 51 years old and Saint Vincent’s Day Home is still in my heart.

I know that my baby’s in a really good environment. I leave him in good hands. I feel good and I have no worries.

Tell us what your experience is at Saint Vincent’s Day Home and we may feature your comments here too!

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