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Sister Ann Maureen Murphy A few years ago, our beloved Sister Ann Maureen noticed that there were two specific instances when some of our Day Home families needed extra help.

Many of our families work long hours, often at jobs with no sick leave. If a parent became ill or had an injury, the family had to make a tough decision. Do they buy food, pay the rent, or make their child’s tuition payment? This was a short-term problem that could lead to long-term issues for the children.

Sister Ann Maureen also noted that some families earned slightly more than the California assistance level allowed, requiring them to pay the full tuition at Saint Vincent’s Day Home. Having to devote such a large portion of their take home pay to schooling meant that some families could simply not afford to send their children to the Day Home, or any other quality child development center.

In order to help these two types of families, the Sister Ann Maureen Scholarship Fund was established as a separate fund. It specifically fills the gap between what a family can afford, any state assistance, and the cost of tuition at Saint Vincent’s Day Home.

As a donor, you may specify that your support goes directly to this special Scholarship Fund. This will ensure that as many children as possible can attend the Day Home. This is particularly important when short-term events could cause a major disruption in a child’s life. In times such as these, the children especially benefit from the safe and loving environment at Saint Vincent’s Day Home.

Please consider making a donation to the Sister Ann Maureen Scholarship Fund and help Oakland’s more vulnerable families continue to receive the support, stability and education provided at Saint Vincent’s Day Home.

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