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February 2024: Black History Month, Lunar New Year & Much More

Update from the Executive Director

February was a whirlwind, even with the bonus day of this leap year! Let’s dive into the highlights.

To kick things off, I managed to squeeze in a visit with the family at the University of Chicago where my daughter attends–good times all around.

Our kids went all out for Valentine’s Day, swapping cards and spreading love in the classrooms. It was heartwarming to see them express their affection for each other.

February shone brightly as we delved into the rich tapestry of Black History Month. Our classrooms buzzed with activities designed to educate and celebrate Black history. The Black Joy Spirit Week added an extra layer of enthusiasm, featuring themes like Black Panther Day, Dashiki Day, and Pan-African Pride. Each classroom was given copies of “The Life of La Vida de Basquiat” by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein, inspiring the children to embark on a creative Basquiat crown activity.

February wrapped up with Estrelas do Samba taking the stage. The beats were on point, and everyone – kids, staff, and families – got to dance along. Check out the pictures below!

Highlights from the Day Home

Saint Vincent's Day Home Preschool Student Day Home Student In A Classroom Day Home Student At A Desk Saint Vincents Day Home Student Smiling Outside







February at the Day Home was a month filled with warmth, diversity, friendship, and love. The spirit of love and companionship was woven into daily activities, fostering a sense of community and connection. The children engaged in arts and crafts related to the various themes of the month. The fusion of celebrating Black History Month, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day enhanced the children’s understanding of different cultures and reinforced the values of acceptance and appreciation for the diverse world they were a part of.

Black History Month: Reflection, celebration & inclusivity

Saint Vincent's Day Home Students Celebrate Black History Month 2024 Black History Month was a time of reflection, celebration, and learning. Engaging activities and storytelling allowed children to explore the rich heritage and achievements of Black leaders and pioneers.

Teachers incorporated diverse perspectives into the curriculum, fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect for all backgrounds. Overall, the month served as a meaningful opportunity for all to honor and appreciate the contributions of Black communities throughout history.

Honoring Our Inspirational Teachers and Staff: Black excellence in education

Day Home Honors Teachers During Black History Month During Black History Month, the Day Home proudly shone a spotlight on our dedicated Black teachers, celebrating their invaluable contributions to education and nurturing young minds. With passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication, they inspire and empower our children every day. Through their guidance and mentorship, they not only foster academic growth but also instill values of resilience, leadership, and cultural pride. Their presence enriches our learning environment, ensuring that every child feels seen, valued, and capable of achieving greatness. We honor and recognize their profound impact on shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.




Lunar New Year: Exploring Festive & cultural traditions

Day Home Children Show Off Their Lunar New Year Lanterns
At the Day Home, Lunar New Year is a time of joy and cultural celebration. The children engaged in various activities and crafts to learn about the traditions and customs surrounding this festive occasion. From making lanterns and crafting to enjoying special foods, the children immersed themselves in the rich heritage of the Lunar New Year, fostering a sense of appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions.

Valentine’s Day: Celebrating love through crafts & heartfelt gestures

Alexandra Hilario, Executive Director, Gives A Hug And Valentine's Rose To Day Home Staff. Valentine’s Day brought a flurry of excitement as the children engaged in themed crafts and activities, fostering a sense of friendship and kindness among the little ones.

Staff added an extra touch of warmth by passing around roses, spreading love and togetherness. We express our gratitude to our exceptional teachers, staff, and the incredible Day Home community we are fortunate to be part of.



New Toddler Classrooms: Our new classrooms are complete!

The Construction Crew For The Day Home's New Toddler Classrooms New Toddler Classsroom At Saint Vincent's Day Home In West Oakland

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of our new toddler classrooms, a project brought to life through the visionary design of Doug Washington. These vibrant spaces were meticulously crafted to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for our youngest learners. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Precise Construction whose hard work and dedication made this transformation possible, ensuring that our preschoolers have the best possible place to learn and grow.

Estrelas do Samba: Culture, dance, love

Estrelas Do Samba Visit The Day Home Estrelas Do Samba Visit The Day Home

Estrelas do Samba is a multicultural entertainment company that works to preserve the cultural, historical, and artistic roots of samba by connecting with and learning from experts in the artform.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude for the wonderful performance by Estrelas do Samba. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it, and we are truly grateful for the joy and energy they brought!

Looking Ahead to March: Women’s History Month in the library

Featured Day Home Library Books For March 2024 - &Quot;The Gift Of Ramadan,&Quot; &Quot;St Patrick's Day&Quot;, And &Quot;Stacy's Extraordinary Words&Quot; Spring begins on March 19th and with all the rain we’ve been getting, the season is sure to be full of new growth. The trees on the playground are already blooming. In the school library, there will be books out showing the changes this season brings and stories that take place in spring.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting inspiring, age-appropriate biographies of women in various fields, from science and entertainment to sports and social change. It’s crucial for both boys and girls to learn about influential figures such as Venus and Serena Williams, and Kamala Harris, many of whom are still making history today.

As we embrace the diversity of cultural celebrations this season, the children and families can explore library resources on holidays like Ramadan, Nowruz, Easter, and Holi. If your family observes a holiday or tradition not mentioned, please share, and we’ll strive to provide relevant reading materials.

Don’t forget to explore our themed book tubs under the window, covering a range of topics from Feelings and Colors to Numbers, Shapes, Weather, Plants & Gardens, and Dinosaurs. Happy reading!

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