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In April, our children were surprised with a visit from the Oakland Police Department. Their crew, including canine cop “Kaiser,” a bike officer, and two police officer duos, came to meet the children. The officers explained the importance of safety, how to contact the police, and their roles in the community.


The first “officer” the Day Home children met was Kaiser–the police dog. Through a series of commands, Kaiser’s handler illustrated how well the dog was trained. The officers discussed his role as a police dog and after questions, each child was able to pet and say hello to him. Thank you, Kaiser!


After meeting their new canine friend, our community bike officer displayed his police bicycle to the children and talked about his role in the Oakland community.


The visit ended with the children “touring” the police car and testing out the bike–all under careful supervision of course! Thank you OPD for taking time out of your busy day to visit our children!


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