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Saint Vincent’s Day Home’s Family Services program aims to provide comprehensive support, including counseling, parent education, and advocacy services. Our goal is to encourage strong family connections and help build a solid foundation for children’s future. We understand that families face various challenges, and we are committed to providing assistance, resources, and education to support families in our community.

Referrals to Community Health and Social Services Agencies

We can refer you to community health and social services agencies that can help you with your needs. Whether you need medical assistance, counseling, or other support services, we can connect you with the right resources.

Parent Education

We collaborate with various community partners to provide a range of programs and services. Our parent education programs offer opportunities for learning and growth, including child development learning groups and workshops aimed at helping parents better understand their child’s developmental stages and how to support their growth and learning.

We also offer workshops that improve family literacy skills, such as reading, writing, and communication. Our family library has a wide range of resources for both children and adults, including books, DVDs, and other materials that reflect the diverse cultures and languages of our community.

Practical Assistance

If you’re experiencing a crisis, we can provide practical assistance such as food, clothing, and other help. We understand that families face difficult times and we’re here to support you in any way we can.

Sliding Scale Fees

At our organization, we strongly believe that everyone deserves access to our services, regardless of their income. To ensure affordability and accessibility to everyone in our community, we use a sliding scale for tuition fees. This means that we determine fees based on your income.

We’re proud to say that we’re state-subsidized, and 99% of families receive assistance. We offer both full-time and part-time options, and the amount you pay is based on a percentage of your monthly income–never more than 1%.

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