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Saint Vincents Day Home’s brand is the collection of perceptions people have about our company. It is the big picture impression that is left on our customers and those who interact with us.

Saint Vincents Day Home’s branding exists to differentiate our company from others in the marketplace, as well as connect with a target audience. It creates trust and recognition by communicating in a consistent way across all teams and channels.

This style guide is the visual translation of Saint Vincents Day Home's mission, vision and values. It is the framework that specifies how to communicate the Saint Vincents Day Home brand. The design assets presented within are the tangible visual elements that determine how our brand is perceived by, and how it interacts with, the world.

Brand Story

Saint Vincent’s Day Home was founded in 1911 in West Oakland to ensure that children of families with low incomes would be educated and nurtured and their parents empowered to meet family responsibilities. In the midst of one of Oakland’s most challenging environments, Saint Vincent’s Day Home stands out as an oasis of beauty and stability, offering support to the children and families it serves.

Our Mission

To date, some 40,000 children have graduated from Saint Vincent’s. Many of our alums have gone to seek higher education, improve their living circumstances, give back to the community, and welcome children of their own. At Saint Vincent’s, we believe that quality early childhood education lays the foundation for future success. Proud of our heritage and tradition, we are committed to serving 40,000 more children in the century to come.

Our Vision

Saint Vincent’s primary goals are to impart to every child a love of reading and learning, a sense of confidence and compassion, sound social skills, and healthy physical development. Teachers employ a finely honed curriculum, benchmarks to be reached through daily lesson plans, and daily journaling on each child that charts individual progress toward goals and documents health and behavioral factors important to the child’s success. Families learn to encourage intellectual and language development, teach healthy lifestyle habits, and facilitate a pathway to existing support services – serving to educate and support the whole child and provide a framework for a healthy, productive life.

Our Values

Founded by the Sisters of the Holy Family over a century ago, Saint Vincent’s Day Home is a non-sectarian, independent nonprofit, and is the oldest and largest Child Development Center in Alameda County. It remains in its original location, an 1863 Victorian home with expanded facilities on a campus of over an acre where the need has consistently been.

Color Palette

Saint Vincents Day Home’s official palette is comprised of a variety of swatches, each functioning as an essential component to our brand’s web presence and print design materials.

Night Black

RGB20 / 18 / 23


CMYK13 / 21 / 0 / 90

Pantone532 C

Used where a higher level of contrast is necessary for headers and copy.

Raisin Black

RGB55 / 50 / 62


CMYK11 / 19 / 0 / 75

Pantone4119 C

Used for page title headers and body copy.

French Gray

RGB191 / 189 / 193


CMYK1 / 2 / 0 / 24

PantoneCool Gray 4 C

Used for dividers and lower contrast needs.


RGB255 / 255 / 255


CMYK0 / 0 / 0 / 0


Primary content background color.

Mantis Green

RGB121 / 191 / 68


CMYK36 / 0 / 64 / 25

Pantone360 C

Primary accent color used in logo, navigation menu active pages, background color for select rows, H3 headers, links and CTA buttons.

Youth Blue

RGB0 / 117 / 176


CMYK100 / 33 / 0 / 30

Pantone2383 C

Primary accent color used for logo text, navigation menu page selections, background color for select rows, H2 headers, link hover color, CTA buttons, and site footer.

Cheerful Gold

RGB222 / 184 / 65


CMYK0 / 17 / 70 / 12

Pantone4017 C

Additional accent color used for instagram feed. Use as a decorative accent wherever additional vibrance is needed.


Typography -- the visual art of creating written words -- is an essential building block of Saint Vincents Day Home’s brand identity. Saint Vincents Day Home utilizes the following defined typefaces for all content displayed on our website at

Primary Typeface: Hind

Friendly and approachable, Hind maintains a high degree of legibility at all sizes. The letterforms feature a tall x-height and pair nicely with educational content. The typeface is available in weights 300-700.

H1 heading

H2 heading

H3 heading

H4 heading

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ! ? . , : ; ‘ “ ^ < >
@ # $ % & * ( ) [ ] { } / \ | _ + = - ~ `

How quickly daft jumping zebras vex.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

This is a paragraph that uses every single letter in the alphabet. Now, that doesn’t mean this can be a paragraph with no story, but it does mean that every single letter is used. You can make it as generic or fanciful as you’d like. You can talk about anything from quilts to jets to xylophones. Oh yeah, and you can use whatever language you want, from Afrikaans to Zulu.

Directions for use:
Display headers in the 700 bold weight, body copy links in the 600 weight, navigation menu items in the 500 medium weight, and standard body copy in the 400 regular weight.

View Hind at Google Fonts.

UI Elements


Saint Vincents Day Home’s on-brand images help to convey our best practices, aspirations and moods. The following images have been selected to communicate Saint Vincents Day Home’s values associated with our brand.


Saint Vincents Day Home’s brand voice strongly impacts how our audience feels about our products and services. The following words and phrases depict our best practices, personality and what does and does not demonstrate the voice of our Saint Vincents Day Home brand.

Words we like:

Non-sectarian, nonprofit, diversity, support, family services, child development, early learning, children, greatest need, nurture, education, curriculum, parent empowerment, opportunity, inclusivity, learn, thrive, dynamic, energy, full potential, dignity, health, enrichment, growth.

Words we don't like:

Difficult, thoughtless, competitive, boredom, exclusive, restrictive, barriers, static, stressful, unnecessary, sedentary, inflexible.

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